Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas and a very good new year.

Hi everyone, I'm writing in an effort to update this blog site. I am just learning how to to do this stuff and it is interesting.

A lot has happened since the beginning of this year and I don't want to bore ya all to death with the incredible details. However I feel to do some that some summerizing is in order.

First Jodi and I followed our kids around all year and we tried to keep up with them but alas we failed. Well we moved up here for a good job and it washed up due to lack of business then I went to work for another great person and unfortunately this unmistakenly rigged ecomony failure hit and it stopped our progression. So once again I was out of good employement and into joblessness. I had gone and got my knee replaced so I could be on my painless knee when I was needed for the job.

I went and was trained and to substitute teach and drive bus for the school district here in Utah Valley. I'm still hoping I have some good years of desired work left ahead, I will be patient and keep my resume honed and my eye peeled.

Jodi has had to pick up the slack. She works two different jobs and has had to nuse me back to health at the same time. She has been working her her soul into the ground and taking care of a family to boot. She in all intents and purposes is the mother of the women, mother, wife, sister, daughter, of the year.

Sadee is busy getting ready for graduation. She was appointed a senior senate which means she is in the student counsel and is working hard for the student body. She was nominated for Home coming Queen and got first attendent. She was secretly nominated for snow queen at the yule ball and got second attendent. She has been have a lot of fun and working hard to help her student body have a good year. Sadee is in seminary and a Laural in the ward (church) she attends.

Becky is having fun working in school and keeping her grades up. She is a new behive in the young womens group this year and has made alot of good riends. She loves to work with her mother on sewing projects and she is good at it. She is a very active and energetic person, however when she gets tired she is out like a light and as quick as a flash.

Peter has had a busy year with aggravating his sisters and teachers to paying football and basketball. He was chosen to play on the little league Pro Bowl football team. He recovered a fumble and made two key tackels. He enjoyed playing football and basketball. I will include some photos and short videos.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Hey everyone, happy Thanksgiving week. We love the Holidays and are looking forward to being with our family. Ill post pictures as I get them, hopefully as people are at the table with their mouths open and full, and while others reel from gut aches and gas pain!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Our Kids

Our sonBrandon Lewis competed in the Scottish Festival in Payson. Out of the 7 events he took 3 golds in the weight for distance, light weight heavy weight and the stone toss. His first time turning the caber he threw a perfect score of 12 o'clock but had a little harder time the other turns. He also won a brand new sword for his good works haha! way to go Brany we love you!

Delena and Benjoe were in the Scofield Triathlon Delena ran it in
1 Hour 57 Minutes
BenJoe ran it in 2 Hours 11 Minutes they both did such a great job! we're proud of you two keep up the great work! (we got the picture from Delena and Benjoes Blog)

Sadee was just in the 24th of july parade for her school she is the senior senate for her... well, senior year obviously! She is very excited to finally be a senior and graduate.

Becky went to the fiesta days carnival and got a little strip of red in her hair with her friends and rode on the rides, she loves to be around her little friends and is doing very well with the piano she plays for young womens every sunday and she sounds amazing! keep it up Beck!

Peter will be starting football in August with the ALA Eagles football team he can't wait he keeps telling everyone that will listen that he is going to be on the Eagles football team!

We love each and everyone of our kids and are so very proud of what they do! Keep it up Everyone!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hello everyone!

There's a first time for everything, I guess blogging is in now so we have decided to get one so that we can keep you all up to date with our family. We're very excited to do this, our Daughter Delena and her husband Benjoe started this and that's how we came to know it know Sadee is into it too with a couple of her friends and so far she's loving it. I think its a great idea I'm glad we're doing this its exciting and fun so have fun reading what happens next in our great book of little mystery's and we'll try to keep it interesting for ya! ha ha glad to have along for the ride everyone more later!